Türkiye Java Community

A non-profit Java User Group (JUG) ☕️ for Java users based in Türkiye 🇹🇷

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Türkiye Java Community Team

Who are we?

A non-profit Java User Group (JUG) for Java users based in Turkey, aiming to share know-how between Java users, to improve Java usage and to expand Java user network.

Founded on September 2021 by two Java lovers to expand Java usage & know-how in Turkey.

Turkey Java Community was founded on September 2021 by two software developers, Evren & Furkan during a face-to-face coffee session for software developers in Ankara.

Our Goals

Our Goals

The main goal of Turkey Java Community is to create a community of Java developers & Java lovers in Turkey and to share know-how within this community ☕️🚀

Another goal of our community is to improve Java usage and expand Java user network within Turkey by creating online or physical events 💯🎤

The other goal is to provide an entry for university students and new graduates to development professional life 👩🏼‍💻👨🏿‍💻

What we are aiming is not only about improving Java and also about improving other tech stacks in Türkiye 💻🇹🇷

Our Amazing Team

  • Evren Tan

    Evren Tan

    Community Leader & Co-founder

    Evren is our community lead and co-founder ✅☕️

    He describes himself as a software crafter and is a member of the JCP (Java Community Process) 💻

    Additionally, he participates as a speaker at events and serves as a mentor in various organizations 🔊

  • Furkan Şahin Kulaksız

    Furkan Şahin Kulaksız


    Furkan is our co-founder and he is a Senior Java Developer ✅☕️

    He is a real Java lover, a math addict and a chess player ♔

  • İrem Altınöz

    İrem Altınöz


    İrem is our community member and co-organizer ✅☕️

    She is currently working as a software engineer at Mavinci Company 💻

    She is responsible for social media and designs within our community 🎨

  • Oğuzhan Caner

    Oğuzhan Caner


    Oğuzhan is our community member and co-organizer ✅☕️

    He is currently working at Yıldız Tech Company, about Java, open source technologies and microservice architecture 💻

    He is our crazy content creator 🤪

  • Mert Bahardoğan

    Mert Bahardoğan


    Mert is a co-organizer and responsible for sponsorships in our community ✅☕️

    He is interested in Java, Spring Framework, and DevOps and publishes articles on these topics on Medium 📚

    He is also giving back to the community all the time 💯

  • Onur Aktaş

    Onur Aktaş


    Onur is a co-organizer and he is also responsible for our events in Istanbul ✅☕️

    He is a promising Junior Java Developer right now and he will be a rock star developer for sure ☕️🔥

    He has a passion for mathematics and algorithms and aims to work on optimization 🧮

  • Zehra Gökçe Aynacı

    Zehra Gökçe Aynacı


    Gökçe is our community member and co-organizer. She is currently a computer engineering student at IU-Cerrahpasa University 👩🏼‍🎓

    Java, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence hold a special place in her life as a lifelong learner ☕️🤖

    She is responsible for our live streaming, designing, and organizing Istanbul events 🎤

  • Berkin Yardımcı

    Berkin Yardımcı


    Berkin is highly motivated developer specialized in backend web development 💻

    He seeks to utilize current broad knowledge of Java web development frameworks with extensive analytical, technical and programming skills to thrive as an entry-level software developer ☕️

    He is responsible for our live streaming, and organizing Ankara events 🎤

Our Sponsors

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  • JetBrains
  • Folksdev - Our Bro in Community World

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  • Kommunity

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